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Pirates of the Caribbean

The Fountain of Youth is the 4th film in the pirate series. Continuing on our tales of of Jack Sparrow and his beautiful outfit the new release will be going into areas without the initial actors Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. Johnny Depp will take up his character Jack Sparrow, and will be joining Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane. Gore Verbinski the director,will be replaced by Rob Marshall, whose biggest hits are musicals.

pirate costume fro ladies parties and events

pirate costume fro ladies parties and events

The Fountain of Youth captures the buzz and excitment that started the coup franchise, this time in 3D .  is not sure if it's love or if it is a ruthless con man who used it to find the legendary Fountain of Youth. When Penelope Cruz forces him onto the ship of the legendary pirate Blackbeard, Jack is suddenly into a nadvnture in whcih he does not know who is biggest enemy is.: Blackbeard or Angelica , with whom he had a mysterious past. The actors includes Geoffrey Rush, as the avenger Captain Barbossa and Kevin R. McNally a friend of Joshamee Gibbs, and Sam Claflin a  missionary . You could choose to buy a costume at and dress up as your hero.

KIds pirate costume for birthday parties

KIds pirate costume for birthday parties

This video introduces Jarrod Radnich. The Pianist plays his themes from Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean". His performances are of a new ride at the theme park  "Dream Home of the Future" at Disneyland.

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