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Pirate Costume and why the captain had to keep a cool head

Today's great love pirate costume derived from the notoriety of legendary pirates. Hijackers liked to attack other ships on the high seas, but many had special jobs to do on board their own ships. Some of these tasks.
The captain was totally the boss of his crew. The best way for him to keep his authority was to be be much more frightening than anyone of lower rank. It must have been very different from the rest of the crew, because life at sea was quite difficult without a captain. Inexperience would make things worse. He was chosen as leader and the rogue had already earned respect for his leadership and navigation capabilities. He would be able to keep cool head under pressure with the crew in the middle of battles at sea.

A pirate costume for Halloween can be made using a shirt with sleeves cut-off, mid-length pants, a scarf and a simple three-pointed hat. Put together pieces of simple clothes to look like a pirate with tips from a costume designer in this free video on the ideas of Halloween.

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