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Devil Comics Entertainment: Marvel Comics Solicitations for November 2011

Marvel Comics celebrates the coming of 2011 with a 64 page book containing seven stories by the top comic writers with Point One promising the biggest change in over 35 years.

Following this summer's event Fear Itself, the Post-Fear Itself era of Marvel begins with Shattered Heroes which is the epilogue as well as the prelude detailing the adventures of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk as they cope with the aftermath of the Serpent before leading to next year's Avengers Event. The Fear Itself Point One issues detail Captain America dealing with the death of Bucky, Tony Stark and Odin having a conversation, and the fate of Thor. Battle Scars continues the Post-Fear Itself Marvel Universe by introducing Army Ranger Marcus Jones.

The Avengers titles seem to be overexposed with Secret Avengers, Avengers Origins, Avengers 1959, and Avengers: Solo titles along with the two main ones Avengers and New Avengers.

The Avengers seem to be the X-Men of the 90s where that franchise had numerous titles saturating the market. Both Avengers and New Avengers written by Brian Michael Bendis dealing with the return of Norman Osborn, H.A.M.M.E.R, and the return of the Dark Avengers. The Avengers Academy begins a new status quo with new students and a new staff by Christos Gage.

Captain Americacloses out the American Dreamers story arc by Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven (Nemesis) as Matt Fraction begins the tale of the new God of Thunder within the pages of the Mighty Thor.

Jason Aaron brings the past of the Punisher to light within PunisherMax as the Kingpin hires the deadly assassin known as Elektra. Aaron is also writing the Incredible Hulk series with artist Marc Silvestri (Cyberforce) while Jeff Parker brings the Red Hulk against the Hulk of Arabia in the adjective less Hulk.

Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four) establishes the Ultimate Universe Nick Fury after he put the Marvel-616 Nick Fury through his paces in Secret Warriors. Now Hickman writes both Ultimate Comics Ultimates and Ultimate Comics Hawkeye.After killing off Johnny Storm and creating the Future Foundation, Hickman returns the Fantastic Four to the original numbering for the 50th anniversary issue while continuing the adventures of FF.

The Marvel Ultimate Universe is a very tight set of books giving you an overview of how the Marvel Universe would look like in the 21st century. Miles Morales was recently introduced in Ultimate Comics Fallout however his origins still remain a mystery yet to be revealed by mastermind Brian Michael Bendis in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. Writer Nick Spencer (T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) takes over the Ultimate Comics X-Men after the world has found out mutants were created by the US Government.

X-Men's Schism also builds towards next year's event revealing who is Hope and the return of Cable. Writer Rick Remender (The Last Days of American Crime) continues towards the finale of his Dark Angel Saga within Uncanny X-Force. However the other titles following Schism does not seem to be strong as all the stories will lead into next year's main event.

Under the Icon Imprint by Marvel Comics, both Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar have taken advantage of this program. Bendis continues the Second American Revolution with Scarlet while bringing the superhero antics of Brilliant. Mark Millar finishes his creator-owned title with Leinil Francis Yu with a double-sized finale of Superior.

Comic fans want stories that matter and make a difference to the reader now. The Post-Fear Itself titles seem to be the beginning of something special as our heroes deal with the consequences of their actions. The mutant titles seem to be a convoluted set of stories all which will eventually lead to next summer's event. Basically the X-Men Universe seem to be put on the backburner as the Avengers are pushed towards the forefront as the movie premieres next May.


Point One

Fear Itself #7.1

Fear Itself #7.2

Fear Itself #7.3

BattleScars #1


Avengers #19

New Avengers #18




CaptainAmerica#5 (Finale)

The Mighty Thor #8

Incredible Hulk #2

Hulk #44


Amazing Spider-Man #673

Amazing Spider-Man #674

Fantastic Four #600

FF #12


Daredevil #6

Moon Knight #7

PunisherMax #19


Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #4

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #3

Ultimate Comics X-Men #3

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4


Uncanny X-Force #17


Brilliant #3

Scarlet #6

Superior #7 (Double-Sized Finale)

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