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Devil Comics Commentary: DC Comics Solicitations for November 2011

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee continue their work with Justice League as Wonder Woman joins the team.  

Writer Azzarello unites with his artist from 100 Bullets Eduardo Risso to bring Spaceman as the main character of Orson traps to Mars to find treasure.

Superman comes ot life in Action Comics as Metropolis villify their hero. Writer George Perez writes of a present story of the Man of Steel to Superman.

Wrtier Snyder has earned resepct with his writings on Batman and Swamp Thing. Peter J. Tomasi writs on green lantern and focuses on the relationship between father and son in Batman and Robin.

Writers are busy as Green Lantern Corps face the unknown villains of Tomasi while Tony Bedard brings poeople together to beat the Guardians of Oa in The New Guardians. Peter Milligan spotlights Red Lantern who is picked as a new commander in the Red Lanterns. Milligan writes Justice League stories

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