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Article by jekky Geek Speak (CGS) is a comics audio podcast that focuses on current mainstream and small-press comic books, featuring creator interviews, reviews, commentary on the comic book craft and industry, comic-related movie discussions and more. Bryan Deemer and Peter Rios began the Comic Geek Speak podcast in 2005 and the roster of hosts has expanded to include Jamie D., Shane Kelly, Adam "Murd" Murdough, and Brian "Pants" Christman. The hosts express their individual opinions in an informal way that many fans think resembles a discussion between friends hanging out at home or at the local comic shop, giving the podcast a unique point of view.Comic Geek Speak has interviewed over 400 creators including Stan Lee, Terry Moore, Jamal Igle, Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan, Dave Sim, Geoff Johns, Matt Fraction, Joe Kubert, Freddie Williams II, Paul Pope, Jonathan Hickman, Denis Kitchen, Sean McKeever, and David Petersen, among many others. Other shows have included top 5 discussions, debates, interviews with retailers, and spotlights on specific characters or publishers. The CGS hosts also regularly visit comic conventions, giving day-to-day overviews of their experiences as attendees, interviewing creators as they promote their upcoming projects, talking to listeners, and even moderating or participating on panels.CGS's motto is "We Are Uniting the World's Mightest Heroes One Listener at a Time". The motto stems from a listener contest, won by Chris Whittington. The podcast engages in interactive communication with its listeners via email, voice mail, and its own forum. Listeners can ask questions, suggest ideas for future episodes, participate in contests and are occasionally given the chance to guest-hosts a show that touches on a specific topic of interest.Contents1 Episodes1.1 Book of the Month1.2 Indie Publisher Spotlight1.3 Let's Talk Shop1.4 Off The Rack1.5 Notable Discussions2 Segments2.1 Stump the Rios2.2 Top 52.3 Smarty Pants3 Spin Off Podcasts3.1 Footnotes3.2 World of Toys3.3 Exploring Bede3.4 Murd's Time Bubble3.5 Jamie's Essentials3.6 The Tower4 Easter Eggs5 Convention Tour6 Super Show7 Notes8 References9 External links// EpisodesThe CGS crew release episodes Monday through Friday. Over 800 episodes have been released, ranging from regular shows on current comic books and comic events, to more focused discussions. These discussions include: Book of the MonthA reading club designed to get listeners interested in and exposed to books they may not have been exposed to otherwise. The categories of books rotate from month to month, Marvel, DC, Indie, Manga, and Host Choice. Indie Publisher SpotlightShowcases various independent and small press comics, as well as the companies and creators behind these titles. Let's Talk ShopA discussion about comics and the industry with different retailers and comic book store owners. Off The RackA discussion of what single issues and series the hosts are currently reading. Notable DiscussionsEpisode 384: Book of the Month - DMZ sparked the debate of whether or not DMZ by Brian Wood is a good series. Bryan Deemer and Jamie D got into a heated discussion on the book, which the listeners carried over to the forums and sparked a line of custom buttons for fans to wear to show "which side they are on". Segments Stump the RiosA trivia contest. Listeners submit three trivia questions, one for DC, one for Marvel, and one for Independent comics. If host, Peter Rios, cannot answer at least one of the three questions, the submitter will win a prize. The rules for Stump the Rios, came about because Peter was once asked 3 questions all about Scrooge McDuck, and so after this the rules were set that it had to be one Marvel, one DC, and one Independent Comic. Top 5Hosts list their five favorites in a variety of categories, such as animated movies, villains, and cliffhangers. Smarty PantsA trivia contest. Listeners submit three trivia questions dealing with TV shows. Preferably from the 50's and 60's. Co-host Brian "Pants" Christman attempts to answer all the questions. No prizes are awarded. Spin Off Podcasts FootnotesWhere the hosts of CGS take an in-depth, page by page look at some classic comic series and discuss them. World of ToysHosted by Shane Kelly and Brian "Pants" Christman. A discussion of newly released toys as well as an in depth look at the toys of yesterday. Exploring BedeHosted by Bryan Deemer and Matt Shepherd. A look at the world of Franco-Belgian and European comics. Murd's Time BubbleHosted by Adam "Murd" Murdough. Being behind in his current comics reading by at least eight years, Murd discusses the comics that he is catching up on and his thoughts on the stories. Jamie's EssentialsHosted by Jamie D. An extensive look at each Marvel character, their "must read" stories, and how they got to where they are now in current continuity. The TowerHosted by Peter Rios. Spotlighting the new Teen Titans starting with the Marv Wolfman & George Prez era. Easter EggsThe podcast has become well liked among some creators and they have even put easter eggs into their art. Convention TourEvery year Comic Geek Speak has a booth at several comic conventions around the United States, and has participated in panel discussions on podcasting. It has been the Official Comics Podcast for New York Comic Con '06, Pittsburgh Comicon from 06 to the present and Fan Expo Canada '09. Super ShowComic Geek Speak held their first ever live recording in January 2006, to commemorate the show's 100th episode. The live recording was held at Golden Eagle Comics in Reading, PA, which was also the site for the Episode 200 recording later that year. When the amount of listeners showing up for these recordings outgrew what Golden Eagle could accommodate comfortably, Episode 300 moved to an unoccupied storefront inside the Fairgrounds Square Mall. This was the final milestone episode event held by Comic Geek Speak before switching to a convention model for their listener gatherings.In September 2008, Comic Geek Speak hosted the first Comic Geek Speak Super Show, a creator focused comic convention at the Greater Reading Expo Center in Reading, PA. Notable guests included Mike Norton, Jamal Igle, David Petersen, Sal Abbinanti of Atomika, Buzz Aw, Morry Hollowell, Danielle Corsetto and many others. The Super Show attracts listeners from all around the world, including attendees from Australia and the UK. The next Super Show is scheduled to take place on March 27th and March 28th, 2010. Notes^ "About Us". Retrieved 2009-10-05. ^ "The Comic Book Podcast Companion". Retrieved 2009-10-05. ^ "Interview Artist". Retrieved 2009-10-06. ^ "Comics Podcasting Panel - San Diego Comic Con". Retrieved 2009-10-05. ^ "Largo Winch: Comics, Business, and Action!". Retrieved 2009-10-05. ^ "Easter Eggs". Retrieved 2009-10-06. ^ "Comic-Con Panel". Retrieved 2009-10-07. ^ "Official Comics Podcast". Retrieved 2009-10-07. ^ "CGS Presents Super Show 2010". Retrieved 2009-10-12.  ReferencesGiorgi, Elizabeth (January 13, 2006). "Spinning yarns on the Web: Bryan Deemer of Wyomissing and a group of his friends do a podcast called Comic Geek Speak, a collection of musings, trivia and news about the world of comics.". Reading Eagle. Richards, Ron (July 29, 2009). 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"The Great Podcasting Summer of 2007". The Comic Book Podcast Companion Published by Two MorrowsComic Book Data BaseCGS Episode 384: Book of the Month - DMZ External linksOfficial siteOfficial forumOfficial MySpaceOfficial Facebook Categories: Audio podcasts | Comic book podcasts | Websites about comicsHidden categories: Articles lacking reliable references from October 2009 | All articles lacking reliable references

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