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Comic Collector – Are You Interested To Become One?

Article by Mike Selvon

While comic book series have been around since the 1930s, it wasn't until the 1960s that something changed within the comic book industry, instigating widespread interest in comic book heroes and narratives. Some say it was Stan Lee's re-envisioning of the industry, adding new psychological dimensions to his characters.

Others say it was the teaming up of superhero teams and new plots that interested readers on another level. It could have also been the adaptation to television and movies that exposed comics to more people. Whatever the case, independent book stores popped up in the 1970s and 1980s, inspiring a new breed of ultimate fans: the comic collector.

A serious comic collector will need to be aware of what issues he or she has, as well as the condition of each piece. To keep track of large volumes, it's recommended that you get comic book collection software to help you.

These programs allow you to input new and existing comics into a personal database, quickly scan/search for certain criterion that buyers may be looking for, compile a wish list of items you want to include and determine the value of your collection. This can also help greatly when you're listing your information on sites like Ebay.

New and bargain collectors can find free software to accomplish the basics at Comic Collector Live. For mid-level collectors, Collectorz offers improved ways of inputting new or existing comics and search capacity for $ 24.95 or $ 39.95 (pro version).

For the hardcore collector, Comic Base offers a variety of programs, ranging from $ 49.95 (express) to $ 299 (archive edition), allowing you the best ways to create wish lists and determine the value of your collection based on comic book industry standard criterion.

There are many places where a collector of such books can buy or sell a comic book collection. Buyers can check such book stores, the publishers' websites (Marvel, DC Dark Horse, IDW), Ebay, Craigslist, Mile High Comics, G-mart, Comics-Db, My Comic Shop, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

As can be expected, sellers can also unload their collections at many of these same places. At Comic Shop Locator, you can find a place to trade-in your old stash for quick cash, although this isn't the way to make the best money. Auction houses are sometimes good, particularly if you have a full collection of a comic book series.

You can find some at Comics Heritage Auctions, Morphy Auctions and Christies. However, by far, the best way for a patient and savvy collector to sell is an internet auction like Ebay, where top prices can be commanded.

A comic collector will naturally be curious about what old comic books are worth. Popular and respected guides include The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, Comics Buyer's Guide magazine, Wizard Magazine, the Comics Buyer's Guide Standard Catalog of Comic Books, and the Human Computing's ComicBase software program.

Online, comic collectors can also check out free resources like Comic Book Realm, Comics Price Guide or Nosto Mania. At Gp Analysis buyers can view price data gathered from online auction houses and private dealer sales, which are updated daily. Leveraging against several sources is usually the best way to determine an old comic's true value.

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Luann has 27 in the bank to buy a car.

Baby Blues family aren't making vacation plans because of the high price of gas.

Hell is the place where everybody wears bike shorts.

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