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Comic Book News Top 5 Comics 04/23/08

Article by Comic Book Blog

Here is this week's Comic Book Blog's: Top 5 comics that should be in your bag this week:

Top 5 Comics for Wed 4/23/08:

COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS #1Story by Paul Dini Story consulting by Keith GiffenScript by Adam Beechen;art by Scott KolinsCovers by Scott Kolins

The Great Disaster has occurred, and all hell breaks loose as all the storylines in COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS come to a climax, threatening Darkseid and Jimmy Olsen and Mary Marvel and the future of their Earth!

HULK #3Written by JEPH LOEB Pencils & Cover by ED \MCGUINNESSVariant Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVICNot a flashback! Not a dream! Together again for the first time! The battle you NEVER thought you'd see -- The Hulk Vs. The Abomination!

But...wait, we've seen that lots of times! Well... No you HAVE NOT. And it isn't just because superstars Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness are bringing it to you for the first time -- it's because if you've been reading the Hulk (yes, we know there's one or two of you), it CAN'T be possible! But it is -- AND IN COLOR -- LOTS OF THEM!

The pulse-pounding, gamma-spawned action adventure continues in Hulk #3!!!


SECRET INVASION TIE-IN!The Eisner-award-winning team of Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev (NEW AVENGERS ILLUMINATI, HALO: UPRISING) reunite to answer the question that has been on every comic fan's mind for years...WHERE THE HELL HAS NICK FURY BEEN??

Rewinding the clock to Fury's time in SECRET WAR, follow Fury as he puts together the pieces of his life and starts finding clues to a Secret Invasion that makes him TARGET NUMBER ONE. A major Skrull reveal happens in these pages!


The God of Thunder keeps sizzling off the stands! Part two of a two-part arc by writer J. Michael Straczynski (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) with sumptuous art by DAREDEVIL cover artist Marko Djurdjevic sees the mighty Thor ruling over a newly glorious Asgard and all its people!

But what danger has risen on the horizon of its American heartland surroundings? And how will Thor equip himself to face it??

NORTHLANDERS #5Written by Brian WoodArt by Davide GianfeliceCover by Massimo Carnevale

Every story has a beginning, and in this issue learn how Sven came to be, from his humble beginning as a child slave to his time spent with the Slavs and Russians to the returned hero we met in issue #1.

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Marvel Architect Jason Aaron joins forces with legendary artist Marc Silvestri to redefine the Hulk in an all new ongoing series. After the events of Fear Itself, the Hulk has gone into hiding, seemingly safe from a world that hates and fears him. But when government agents come knocking at his door, the Hulk has no choice but to return to war against the one man whose existence threatens the safety of every living creature on the Earth. The one man who's existence could doom the Hulk himself. And that man is Bruce Banner. Now separated into two men, the Hulk and Banner exist worlds apart but one climactic battle will bring them face to face again—and leave the Marvel Universe shaking in its wake. Visit for more on the Incredible Hulk!
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