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Most Valuable Collectible Comic Books

Comic Books of value

Comic books from childhood have grown in value and it is your own interest to save them
As a guide we are listing top ones together with an idea of their value.
Can you believe that certain spider man editions are worth up to 1 million dollars?

One great source is your local car boot sale or flea market.Keep your wel wrapped up preferable in poly bags ina dry and cool place.
As in so many other hobby sectors our followers are passionate. Psychologists might tell you that when we re read them we are getting in touch with the feelings we has a a child when we first came across them .Well whatever the reason,

Your guide:

Action Comics No. 1 1938 $ 1,380,0002.
Detective Comics No. 27 1939 $ 1,280,0003.
Superman No. 1 1939 $ 661,0004.
All American Comics No. 16 1939 is $ 420,0005.
Detective Comics No. 1 1939 $ 410,0006.
Marvel Comics No. 1 1939 is $ 347,0007.
Batman No. 1 1940 $ 349,0008.
More Fun Comics No. 52 $ 306,0009.
Flash Comics No. 1 1940 $ 285,00010.
Amazing Fantasy No. 15 $ 270,000

The reason for the high prices is due to the number of each copy in circulation. Those rare ones are those that fetch the most, whereas copies you see form time tio time are more commonly available and do not fetch such high levels.

This is the trailer for the documentary film "Comic Book Literacy" which showcases the use of comic books to promote literacy and education.
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