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Building A Collection Of Comic Books

Article by Victor Epand

In the past collectors have found that comic books have certainly come a long way and are valuable collector items. Every walk of life has enjoyed a comic book at some time in their life and collectors are more than willing to add one of these collectible works of art to their collection.

Comic books may be seen a simply a form of childish entertainment to some, but to a collector comic books are sophisticated works of art that can be extremely valuable. In fact, the first appearances of renown heroes like Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman could actually purchase a million dollar home. When building a collection of comic books the collector needs to decide what is their actual motivation for collecting and what are the top comic books. Also a collector needs to decide if they plan to purchase comic books as an investments and then plan to resell them later on, or are they purchasing comic books as a hobby strictly and for recreational reading.

Some collectors enjoy collecting comic books for the entertainment they can bring, but they have no desire what so ever of reselling them. Collectors of comic books need to determine exactly how much time and money they plan to put into their collection, not to mention how much effort. Today comic books are released on a weekly basis with just about every title having issues that are released once a month, which means at least twelve issues per year. Comic books can be purchases at bookstores, grocery stores, specialty shops, and even on-line.

However, a local comic book store is the best possible source due to the salespeople here being much more knowledgeable and being able to assist you with any question about comics that you may have. Comic book stores will also have what ever a collector will need for storing their valuable comic books. They normally carry a wide array of older issues of comic books instead of only newer ones and even graphic novels, which are comics that have been bound in a magazine or book form.

Like any type of collectible, collectors should choose the type of comic book that is right for them, especially since comic books come in a wide variety of subjects and styles. Comic books come in action adventure, comedy, mystery, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and religious, so it really does not matter what type of stories you are interested in there is a comic book out there for every collector. There are also many publishing companies that will publish comic book with the largest two and the most successful being MARVEL Comics and DC Comics.

MARVEL Comics publishes such characters as Spider Man, The Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and even Captain America, while DC Comics has published such incredible characters as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Justice League. Another publisher of comic books is Dark Horse Comics, which has published such fine works as Star Wars, Aliens, and the Terminator. Other publishing companies that publish comics include Image Comics, Top Cow Productions, Inc., Fantagraphics Books, Oni Press and Dynamite Entertainment are only just a few.

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