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Bronze Age Comics (1970-1985)

Article by Comic Book Blog

Collecting Bronze Age Comics:

For comic book fans who grew up in the 1970's and early 80's, bronze age comics will always have a place in their comic collections.

Comic books were a major source of entertainment for kids (and adults)in the 1970's. TV's only had 3 or 4 channels available, and Atari video game systems were only just beginning to make their way into homes. Without home computers, DVD/Blu-Ray players and today's super-involved (and addicting) video/pc games, you needed something to do, and reading comic books were a common way to entertain yourself an hour or two.

For kids and who grew up in small towns, many have fond memories of heading down to the corner newsstand or convenience store and checking out the comic books on the spinner-rack. For kids in larger cities or busy suburbs, they may have been lucky enough to have one or two comic speciality comic stores that were just starting emerge to visit.

I can remember going to some of the earlier comic conventions that were held in New York and buying some older comics that were wrapped in saranwrap, because the modern comic bag and board hadn't been marketed yet. Before that, a common method to protect comics was to wrap them individually in newspaper.

Today, 1970's comic books are becoming the new 60's comics, meaning that the prices of many bronze age comic books have gone through the roof in the last 10-15 years. In the 80's and 90's many 1970's comics sat in four-for-a-dollar boxes in comic shops and at comic conventions. In a recent online auction, a graded copy of Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1 sold for over $ 650.00! This would have been impossible to believe 10 years ago. A copy of Star Wars #1 from Marvel Comics recently sold for $ 670.00!

Original comic book art from this era has also become highly sought-after. Works from bronze age artists like Frank Miller, George Perez, Neal Adams, John Byrne, Dave Cockrum and Gene Colan tend to run anywhere from $ 400-$ 2,500 for each page. I've had customers tell me that they can recall seeing pages of original art from some of these artists on comic shop walls with $ 25 price tags 25 years ago.

With the popularity of the internet and major comic conventions happening so often, it has become relatively simple for fans of bronze age comics to put recreate their childhood comic collections. Lower grade copies of most of these books can be had at reasonable prices, so if you are looking to increase your bronze age comic collection, visit some comic conventions this summer or surf the internet and give a bronze age comic a new home today!

Comic Shelf
Image by Apreche
These new shelves are great. No longer do I have to store comics on the floor. Got-damn I've got a lot of manga.

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