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Pirate Costumes and the Captain Jack Sparrow Look

Pirate costumes are worn to costume fairs.  The idea of wearing special costumes for parties started way back in the 19th century, and continued through the 20th century and up to today.  They were previously called fancy dress balls.

In the past people never wore normal dresses to such occasions, but made suitable garments.  The outfits befit the themes of the medieval life, and ancient, historical characters.  The popularity of such parties soared from the 1940s and reached fever pitch in the 1970s.  Now there are affordable costumes for fancy dress parties that are obtainable from the clothes shops and online stores.  There are many unique themes to guide you dressing up and one of the interesting ones is the theme of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow who was a notorious pirate.

Dressing in a Pirate Costumes worn by the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow if done well, can be irresistible, and is inspired by the movies with Johnny Depp.  This is a character full of wit, strength, and charm.  This costume is characterized by a bandana and long hair. But if one does not have locks, try a chic Jack Sparrow pirate wig.  There is also the classic white shirt with a pirate vest attachment, and a classy double belt of large buckles on the hips plus the pirate boot tops.  These are all worn with pirate pants that have a pirate sash on the waist.  Make sure to gather all the items together long before the day of the party.  Don’t depend on last minute shopping.  Try on the costume at home and let the feel of it settle in before wearing it to the party.  Accessorize with items from the Captain Jack Sparrow Kit.


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