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Jack Sparrow Costumes Party Arranged by an Events Manager

jack sparrow costumes
A few days ago my friend arranged a Jack sparrow costumes party and for this purpose and hired an event manager who was highly expert in arranging events especially a Jack sparrow costume party one. The event manager impressed him a lot and the most important factor that proved him as a well planned Jack sparrow costume party manager was his awareness about the weather during the ceremony. He gave a call to the meterological department and took information about the weather conditions during the planned day.

Keeping in view the venue, time and weather factors, he prepared his plan of the party and turned up a day in advance at the venue. These details were narrated to me by my friend who had arranged the Jack sparrow costume function. Though I was surprised to learn that this was the only costume party manager, I have ever seen, who makes such meticulous planning, but I was happy because I myself and my family was going to arrange a costume party in near future.

But the most important thing, other than planning, about that event manager was innovation and new ideas. He arranged a very high quality photographer for the event to make it a memorable one for all times to come and for the references of other friends and families. I myself was witness to that photography because I was invited in that ceremony. As soon as the party started, he asked all the couples to walk arm in arm and asked them to walk in a slow March style like a chief guest reviews the parade along with parade orderlies in a slow march style.

The photographer kept on taking the pictures of couples who were wearing Jack sparrow costume in his styles. Still there were two more things that made the invited audience stunned. Firstly, he asked the couples to stop on and off to create a momentum of joy and suspense. The photographer kept on recording those moments in his lovely photographic memory. Secondly, he asked the couples to look into each other’s eyes in a romantic manner and this created a magical atmosphere all around. This was the best costume party I have ever participated in.


Pirates of the Caribbean

The Fountain of Youth is the 4th film in the pirate series. Continuing on our tales of of Jack Sparrow and his beautiful outfit the new release will be going into areas without the initial actors Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. Johnny Depp will take up his character Jack Sparrow, and will be joining Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane. Gore Verbinski the director,will be replaced by Rob Marshall, whose biggest hits are musicals.

pirate costume fro ladies parties and events

pirate costume fro ladies parties and events

The Fountain of Youth captures the buzz and excitment that started the coup franchise, this time in 3D .  is not sure if it's love or if it is a ruthless con man who used it to find the legendary Fountain of Youth. When Penelope Cruz forces him onto the ship of the legendary pirate Blackbeard, Jack is suddenly into a nadvnture in whcih he does not know who is biggest enemy is.: Blackbeard or Angelica , with whom he had a mysterious past. The actors includes Geoffrey Rush, as the avenger Captain Barbossa and Kevin R. McNally a friend of Joshamee Gibbs, and Sam Claflin a  missionary . You could choose to buy a costume at and dress up as your hero.

KIds pirate costume for birthday parties

KIds pirate costume for birthday parties

This video introduces Jarrod Radnich. The Pianist plays his themes from Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean". His performances are of a new ride at the theme park  "Dream Home of the Future" at Disneyland.


Womens Pirate Costume for parties

We might be invited to a costume party and the theme is pirates, but we do not want to go in your average pirate costume. We want to stand out and be noticed:
Does anyone have good ideas and suggestions. It would be great if the ball was one month away and desperate times call for desperate measures. Think and write about the comments you make.
Well, I have one answer. Go as thelegendary female pirate, Anne Bonny. However, there were several other female pirates in history, and none had titles and nobility. Some were Vikings, , some from China and some France. Take a look at this list and descriptions and you get to a really interesting ideas for your party.

womens pirate costume for fancy dress parties

womens pirate costume for fancy dress parties


Pirate Costume and why the captain had to keep a cool head

Today's great love pirate costume derived from the notoriety of legendary pirates. Hijackers liked to attack other ships on the high seas, but many had special jobs to do on board their own ships. Some of these tasks.
The captain was totally the boss of his crew. The best way for him to keep his authority was to be be much more frightening than anyone of lower rank. It must have been very different from the rest of the crew, because life at sea was quite difficult without a captain. Inexperience would make things worse. He was chosen as leader and the rogue had already earned respect for his leadership and navigation capabilities. He would be able to keep cool head under pressure with the crew in the middle of battles at sea.

A pirate costume for Halloween can be made using a shirt with sleeves cut-off, mid-length pants, a scarf and a simple three-pointed hat. Put together pieces of simple clothes to look like a pirate with tips from a costume designer in this free video on the ideas of Halloween.