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batman costume comics from the 1930’s are worth a fortune

As collectors pieces, unknown comics or comics long forgotten retain a market value.Froma cash value point of view any good collector will ask you about the condition of your comic. For example things like : is it torn, are any pages detached .Also they will ask if any coupons have been cut out. Another usual one is how faded are the drawings inside the comic.
Wizard magzine is a good starting place to look up your comic in. So don't be too concerned about failing any of the above questions. Your book coud still have some good value.
Rarity is one of the most value adding factors, and a visit to ebay will teach you a good deal about value. Ebay has long been established as the place where collectors go to buy and sell. Amazon tends, these days, to be more on new product.Their fullfilment warehouses are slck operatiosnand they could never be efficent selling second hand items.Ebay on the other hadn, does not handle the stock themselves so it is an easier market for them to operate in.

Did you know that batman comics from 1939 are wortht up to $25,000, even in bad condition?
Ther are several edtions listed at sellmycomicbooks and some of the prices you might find eye watering. My mind went bacl to ewhern i loved reading batman comi as a kid. Unfortunately that was in the 50s and even then, they got thrown out because as a kid you dont think "i'll save this for 30 years and then see what its worth". You just dont think like that as a child.


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